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Project Management

Project management is a critical factor for the success of your Horizon 2020 project. At ttopstart, we help you to manage the non-scientific activities of your research project. 

We can manage your Horizon 2020 project from start to finish

We understand that you want to focus on the scientific excellence of your project. Our team of experienced EU project managers can ensure that it runs according to grant agreement requirements. With the project management support service, ttopstart will be by your side from start to finish. We will coordinate and draft the grant and consortium agreement. We will facilitate your EC reporting, deliverables and milestones, amendments and organise consortium meetings. We will support in managing the budget and setting up the project administration. 

Experienced Horizon 2020 project managers free the project coordinators time


Reporting of deliverables, milestones and periodic reports

Communication within the consortium, meeting project milestones and quality control of deliverables takes up most of the time of a coordinator. We care about timely deliverable of reportings, but understand scientific projects are risky and may delay, even if planned in great detail at the start. Our service includes the progress management and all coordination around deliverables, milestones and project periodic reports.

Grant and consortium agreements and amendments

We will coordinate and draft your grant and consortium agreement, respecting the wishes of your consortium regarding contractual obligations and Intellectual property.

About one-third of all consortia change at least one partner during the execution of the project. It is therefore likely that the grant agreement will change during the lifetime of your project. We can be your liaison with the EC and prepare amendments to the grant agreement.

Horizon 2020 budgets and financial administration

Financial planning and administration is often a precarious topic within consortia. We will unburden you from guidelines and reportings to the EC and will closely monitor the budget and costs. We will implement a proper financial administration.

PROCEED: we can help with specific parts of your Horizon 2020 project

ttopstart can help you with specific aspects of your project – such as consortium management, dissemination of the results or exploiting your outcomes. Our PROCEED service (PROject management for scientific consortia: project Execution, Exploitation and Dissemination), combines all of our best-practices. The project management department works following the Prince2 principles, aspects on which the management method is based includes: 

Prince 2 project management principles for successful horizon 2020 project management

The ttopstart track record in Horizon 2020 project management

Our impressive track record includes projects that we are partner in, subcontracted in, as well as projects that we have facilitated in grant agreement or set up the project administration. We are currently partner in REGAIN and PRECIOUS.

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Horizon 2020 project management training

We also provide training courses in Horizon 2020 project management and reporting. Visit the ttopstart academy for more information.

Horizon 2020 project management resources

How to prepare for the grant agreement?

Dissemination vs Exploitation of your research results; what is the difference?

Answers to these and many other questions in our ttopstart academy knowledge hub.

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Project Management


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