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Client Case: Thirona

ttopstart has a sound track record in co-creating competitive strategies for academia, research institutes and SMEs. We provide smart strategies and practical guidance on how to introduce healthcare innovations, such as we did for Thirona.


Thirona’s main export product is their artificially intelligent software. Thirona offers quantitative analysis through a certified image analysis service in which Thirona’s proprietary software is used to analyze medical images. Thirona processes data from 300 hospitals worldwide every day with its AI software, which not only detects tuberculosis but also detects old age blindness and COPD in medical images. To ensure their growth Thirona was looking for a partner to help them decide on the right strategy and define their long-term goals.

The Challenge

The challenge was to explore funding opportunities (dilutive and non-dilutive) for this project.

How ttopstart helped Thirona

ttopstart supported Thirona by looking at the bigger picture, generating an encompassing overview of the field they are dealing with. ttopstart performed a thorough market-, stakeholder-, and competitive analysis, interviewed key opinion leaders in the field, and digged into their network of researchers, hospitals, companies, and investors. We defined value steps and exit scenarios that provide potential investors insight in the potential value increase of Thirona. We performed a thorough analytical assessment of the data that we generated, drawed well-founded conclusions, and culminated this in a smart and strong business plan, including a (corporate) financial strategy.

The result

Thanks to this collaboration Thirona now have managed to set up their business in such a way that it has taken the company one step further. With this smart, strong and encompassing business strategy the adoption of their impactful innovation can now accelerate. It illustrates how much more we can achieve when working together.

Bram van Ginneken of Thirona:

“ttopstart supported us in gathering strategic market and competitive insights in the field of AI-powered image analysis. In addition, the team was instrumental in developing a dashboard for financial milestone planning. These insights helped us refining the business strategy and accelerate our next growth phase”.

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