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Medis Medical Imaging Systems

ttopstart assists Medis in applying for research and development funds. It has helped Medis and its partners to be awarded with two consecutive Eurostars grants as well as other SME funding schemes. 

MEDIS; Major scientific collaborations, Evidence through validations,Durability in cardiovascular post-processing, Innovations, and excellentSupport.

The Medis story began in 1989 with QCA-CMS (now QAngio XA), the gold standard post-processing software for quantitative coronary analysis.

Since then, the Medis activities have expanded towards other cardiovascular imaging modalities (MRI, CT, IVUS, OCT) both invasive and noninvasive, for clinical research and routine applications, as well as the fusion of some of these applications.

For more than 25 years our installed base of customers expanded to more than 40 countries.

Medis Vendor Independent de-facto standards software are used by cardiologists, radiologists, researchers and industry partners who worldwide rely on Medis post-processing software for the quantitative and qualitativeevaluation of their cardiovascular images.

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