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ttopstart has been a partner for Pluriomics (now Ncardia) in acquiring non-dilutive funding: the successful collaboration acquired a prestigious Horizon 2020 SME instrument grant of €3.2M 

Update: Ncardia established following Pluriomics Axiogenesis merger

Pluriomics is an international Dutch/Belgian biotech company specialised in developing stem cell-based assays for cardiac safety pharmacology and drug discovery and development. Pluriomics developed a unique proprietary protocol to differentiate heart muscle cells derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs). The company provides its customers with reliable cell technology systems to test potential drugs in the preclinical phase with high predictive value. 

Pluriomics quick facts:

•    Pluriomics builds on Nobel Prize winning induced pluripotent stem cell technology, first products successfully marketed in 2014.
•    Fully functional human assay systems for use in drug discovery and development.
•    Pluriomics aims to upscale and automate manufacturing towards industrial scale and develop and validate novel pluripotent stem cell assays. 
•    Pluriomics will move from applications in safety/toxicity testing to drug efficacy testing (portfolio extension) in the near future.   
•    Pluriomics mission is to bring reliable, translational, regulatory-compliant and cost-effective functional human assays systems to the drug development market. 

ttopstart and Pluriomics recently engaged in a successful collaboration and acquired a prestigious Horizon 2020 SME instrument grant. The grant (€3.2M) is an important stepping stone for Pluriomics to tackle the challenges that remain to become global market leader in cardiac cell based assays. Dr. Stefan Braam, CEO, states that: “we have perceived the collaboration as much more than just supporting us in the writing of the grant, and rather as a partnership. ttopstart really helped us by highlighting the important messages, and simplifying the story as much as possible, without comprising on quality.”

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