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ttopstart was part of the team that made TiredofCancer BV mature into a high-potential and operational company. Particularly, in close collaboration with the TiredofCancer CEO (Bram Kuiper) and CCO (Door Vonk), ttopstart developed a mid- and long-term strategy for the company, yielding a development plan and a route-to-market that the European Commission supports.

More than 1,000 apps are developed per day, of which 165,000 were mHealth applications in the past two years. In a time when app-development speed exceeds our download speed, the mHealth app developer TiredofCancer has a success story to share. They are on the eve of rolling out their app internationally and they are backed by a Horizon 2020 SME funding instrument.

Video Interview with Door Vonk CCO of Tired of Cancer (October 2018)

Interview with TiredofCancer (May 2017)

Thus the big question is, how did this come about in such a crowded landscape? We approached one of the founders of TiredofCancer, Door Vonk, to find out.

Boaz van Driel (BvD): So, I hear you and Dr. Bram Kuiper (co-founder) have recently made some life-changing decisions?

Door Vonk (DV): “Yes, as TiredofCancer enters a new phase, we realized that we both need to put in our undivided attention. This means taking the decision to resign from our positions at the Helen Dowling Institute.  We also moved to an office of our own and are about to hire our first employee.”

BvD: You and Bram have started the company 5 years ago. What was your financial strategy then?

DV: “At the start of TiredofCancer, we were only focused on the content and didn’t know a lot so we didn’t have a specific financial strategy. What we did know was that we had a good idea and that we believed in it a great deal.”

BvD: Since then, how has your (funding) strategy evolved?

DV: “In addition to investing significant amounts of our own money into TiredofCancer, a lot of our hours were also spent on pitching our ideas convincingly to potential financiers. Within our own private networks, we found friends and angel investors who were willing to support us. After several years, there was a big US company that shared our vision and were willing to invest in the development of the very first version of our application. Shortly after that, about 1 years ago, we came into contact with an investor, who helped us through a rough period. Up to this point, we were working from month to month.”

BvD: Nonetheless, now you have a clear vision and a strategy to get there. Tell me more about how this arose…

DV: “Of course. With the investment, we hired a corporate consultancy company to develop a business plan. After that, we worked with the strategic consultants at ttopstart who co-developed our strategy for TiredofCancer.  ttopstart also built a competitive project proposal for the EU SME funding instrument, which was granted. However, equally important in the process was that they asked the relevant critical questions that guided us on our paths and shared their insights (along the way). These questions were highly significant in opening our eyes to the future and helped us distinguish the path to get there. This was the beginning of this new chapter of TiredofCancer.”

BvD: Wow, fantastic progress! And here you are now, in your new office. Perhaps you can summarise for our readers, what were the success factors that brought you here?

DV: “I firmly believe that our product is strong and fulfills an unmet need in those recovering/ undergoing cancer treatment. The conviction is an absolute requirement for long-term success. Besides that, we’ve always been open to each other (Bram and Door), and to those we meet along the way. We both follow our intuition and naturally gravitates towards high-energy people, filled with passion for what they do. It’s true what they say, surrounding yourself with the right people can fast-track you to success, and ttopstart definitely fulfills these prerequisites. Finally, it’s essential to remain dedicated, persistent and committed.”

BvD: Earlier, I noted that TiredofCancer recently obtained funding through the EU. Can you describe how that has changed the company?

DV: “Well this funding is making a huge difference. First off, aside from the financial support, the EU programme as well as the national contacts (RVO) are also providing invaluable guidance and opening up new networks, which I am sure will lead to a boost in our business. With all the benefits of the funding programme, we can now effectively walk the path that ttopstart set out with us. Also, this funding makes it easier to obtain funding from other sources since the risk is lower and because our company is ‘approved’ by the EU reviewers.  I’m confident this grant will make TiredofCancer into an international company.”

“Working with ttopstart is an ongoing positive experience. Collaborating with young motivated people is a pleasure. They challenge you to think sharp about the future of your company. It helped us to take a big step forward.”


ttopstart has worked with TiredofCancer towards great success. In large part, this is due to their eagerness and willingness to take the best out of the collaborative efforts. As well, the people from TiredofCancer bring (the right) energy. We will be following the future developments of the app and the company with care.

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