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Research Strategy and Funding Canvas

Expertise area

Research Strategy and Funding Canvas

October 01 2018

Developing competitive research strategies

Developing competitive research strategies are crucial for the success of research organizations and teams in realizing scientific excellence and meaningful impact. Competitive research strategies have a perfect balance between building upon existing internal strengths such as successful research themes and unique infrastructure and adapting to a changing landscape such as the ability to integrate innovative technologies and attract the next generation of talented researchers. Having strong research strategies in place will improve the visibility, increase funding success and lead to new collaborations.

But how should such a strategy be developed? How can we adapt to a changing research landscape? How can I confirm my strategy is viable and ensures long-term competitiveness

Research Strategy and Funding Canvas

ttopstart has developed the Research Strategy and Funding Canvas which helps research organizations and teams to map their key competencies and capabilities, provide insight in current gaps and challenges and help strategizing for the future. The Canvas generates the unique ‘fingerprint’ of the organization and uses a unique 360-degrees stakeholder analysis to develop competitive research and funding strategies that are tailored to the research organizations and team. It is therefore a key tool to ensure your research organization and teams are optimally prepared for the future.

The Research Strategy and Funding Canvas consist of nine factors and key performance indicators. The Canvas can be used to develop competitive research strategies, measure performance and develop personalised funding roadmaps. It is based on a careful analysis of over 250 grant applications and best practices from almost 10 years of working with high performing research teams and organizations.

Measuring research excellence and impact with the Canvas

Scientific research leads to new innovations which create prosperity and improve quality of life. This underlines the importance that both research excellence and realising meaningful impact need to be at the heart of any research organization and team. We believe that measuring research excellence and impact needs to be done using one balanced equation.

The Research Strategy and Funding Canvas is a unique tool for integrative measurement of research excellence and impact. The Canvas merges classical bibliometric data such as Hirsh-index and citation analysis with impact measures such as contributions to policies and guidelines and commitment towards innovation of new technologies. We believe that the combination of these factors gives a more thorough and actionable assessment of the success of both individual researchers as well as the research organizations they are part of, ultimately leading to a sustainable competitive position in the field.

Competitiveness in funding

Competitive research strategies have the ability to attract a wide variety of funding instruments. The Research Strategy and Funding Canvas is used to develop personalised funding strategies that are based on the internal strengths (‘fingerprint’) of the research organization and are aligned with the external environment such as the funding roadmaps of large funding bodies (e.g. National funds and H2020), industry technology roadmaps and agendas for research infrastructures. The Research Strategy and Funding Canvas is the tool to provide new perspectives on the strategy of your research organisation and co-create/refine them to meet the needs of the future.

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