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ttopstart academy

September 15 2016

The ttopstart academy is an initiative of ttopstart to structurally increase the competitiveness of scientists and entrepreneurs in life sciences, medical technology and healthcare through personal coaching and training.

About the ttopstart academy

Funding strategy

It is our mission to empower scientists and entrepreneurs. We want them to be successful in tackling the challenges associated with disruptive healthcare technologies, for the benefit of patients. As a key partner, we take pride in ensuring that innovations are implemented faster and better, and businesses thrive. Through the PRO-ACTIV programme, we help our clients develop an actionable and strategic personal plan for strengthening the positioning of research groups and departments for funding.

Training programmes for grant writing and more

Additionally, we offer several hands-on training courses that are geared towards strengthening highly relevant skills and capabilities, in which we concentrate on sharing our methods, examples of successful projects and best practices. The personal coaching programme has been designed to help you develop a competitive and authentic subsidy proposal that stands out from the competition. These three programmes allow you to choose the approach that is most valuable for you and your team.

Tailored training

Alternatively, you can contact our experts to discuss your specific needs and other training opportunities. The ttopstart academy expert team is always excited to share their knowledge and experience in developing funding strategies, project management and successful grant writing. We are available to travel to you. Just let us know how we can help you!