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€42 million of additional funding of the Dutch government for corona-related research

April 01 2020

Today it was announced that several Dutch ministries and research organisations together will make available € 42 million for corona-related research. ttopstart likes to support the fight against the corona pandemic, hence we use this blog to provide you with an overview of new research budgets.

Today, in this letter of the Dutch government it was announced that additional funding will be made available to aid the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Please check our COVID-19 funding guide to find an overview of all European research opportunities.

  • Dutch Ministery of Health, Welfare and Sport and ZonMW (the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development) have made an additional €20 million available for research for acute corona related research topics.
    • € 5 million for topics including: recovering patients, transmission of the virus amongst children and hospital epidemiology, short-term implementable medicine development, antibodies or virus-evolution
    • € 5 million for research related to medicine and research that explores the usibility of readily available vaccin
    • € 10 million for acute and urgent research, based on an ad hoc program as determined by ZonMW
  • The Dutch Ministery of Education, Culture and Science and NWO have made €15 million available for urgent medical, social and societal reserach questions for short- and long-term perspectives. Topics included, but not limited to, are: combatting the pandemic, medicine, improving the current care situation, behavior and behavioral changes within the Netherlands and its impact on spreading of the virus. Social aspects and economical consequences of the taken measures on well-being are included. Improving our understanding of spreading and repression of the virus and the effects of social isolatoin will enable, as well as require, a broad spectrum of research. Available budgets specified:
    • NWO
    • € 1,5 million for acute research in accordance with RIVM and ZonMW
    • € 1,5 million for data-monitoring and analysis;
    • € 10 million for urgent research questions;
    • OCW
    • € 2 million for general corona-related reserach questions
  • Additional corona-related budgets of Toegepast Onderzoek (Applied Science) include:
    • € 1,5 - € 2 million for "Brains4Corona": how to apply current knowledge on the short term, f.e. in the area of crisis management (IT, predicting IC-admissions), medical devices (reusable face masks, mobile ventilators), corona testing (improved or alternative methods), vitality (coping mechanisms home-workers)
    • Wageningen Research has made extra test labs available for corona tests
    • Deltares will participate in the precise role of water and soil in relation to the potential survival and spreading of the COVID-19 virus
  • All TO2-institutes have made their instruments, where applicable, available for hospitals and emergency services
  • The Topsector Life Sciences & Health has made € 5 million available via Health-Holland. This budget will be increased by an additional € 1 million of private contributions via the PPS-toeslag-regeling. 
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