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Recommendations for Artificial Intelligence | New EU Communication

September 01 2019

We believe technology will change the way we live. We therefore find it key to study the vision and plans of the European Union with regards to Artificial Intelligence (AI). This helps scientists and entrepreneurs, who largely depend on public resources, to develop a long-term research strategy and business plan. In this article we summarize the recommendations of the European Commission that impact scientists and entrepreneurs most.

Recently a High Level Expert Group was set up by the European Commission and has put forward 33 recommendations to ensure sustainability, growth and competitiveness of Trusthworthy AI. The three key take home recommendations were:

1) Build multi-stake holder alliances

Bring all relevant actors– from civil society, industry, the public sector and research and academia – around the table. Create Centres of Excellence in AI, and foster collaboration with other research stakeholders, including small and large companies, the public sector, as well as society at large. This ensures uptake and at the same time it enhances growth, competitiveness and sustainability.

2) Educate and engage

Raise awareness and provide education on AI’s capabilities, challenges and limitations. Teach appropriate skills to deal with this, whilst ensuring an inter- and multidisciplinary perspective. This aids in developing a sufficiently deep and wide skills base and prepares people to a transformation of working environment where AI systems will become ever more prevalent. By facilitating inclusion AI can be a means to enhance individual and societal well-being.

3) Stimulate an open and lucrative investment environment

Europe must build an environment of trust whereby the private sector, jointly with all stakeholders, is motivated to invest in AI solutions and build the future that we want to create. The new Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes set firm steps towards enhanced European investment levels in AI. Sectoral multi-stakeholder alliances that foster trust across policy-makers, industry and academia as well as society, can help securing those investments, as well as steering them towards Trustworthy AI.


The Ethics Guidelines of the European Union for Trustworthy AI were discussed in an earlier blog post, that you can find here.

ttopstart’s take on AI in health

At ttopstart, we see AI as a key element in the future of healthcare. Emerging technologies such as big data andÔÇ»Artificial Intelligence will have a significant impact across the entire health continuum. It is key to improve diagnostics, treatment and personalised medicine. Furthermore, it has the potential to increase the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of the healthcare system e.g. by reducing the amount of human errors. We will be publishing a whitepaper on How Artificial Intelligence will disrupt healthcare. Sign up for our newsletter here, to make sure you receive the latest updates and insight from us.  

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