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AAL: ICT integration for Healthy Ageing – challenges and opportunities

March 24 2017

Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Programme: a visual representation of the current open call and takeaways from the AAL Info Day In Brussels.

Active lives for the elderly

Our aging population is experiencing a plethora of small and bigger inconveniences that come with age and that make a tangible impact on their lives. The collective burden of these age-related issues hamper the ability of the elderly to live active lives. Social, psychological, and physical health are valuable assets that are not always self-evident. Maintaining these assets as you age requires an increasing amount of effort. 

About the Active and Assisted Living programme

Fortunately, technologic advancement and innovation in information technology have the potential to effectively support the ageing population in their efforts to maintain health. We can imagine a future in which the synergies between individuals and technology in assisted living are ahead of potential issues that stand in the way of wellbeing. 

Applicability of AAL solutions

Exciting examples of such solutions that come from the AAL programme are CordonGris, which integrates health eating guidance with affordable grocery support, and iToilet that allows elderly to live at home longer with more dignity.

We have a real opportunity to shape the future by creating hands-on solutions that find applicability in our and our parents daily activities. Be aware that the ‘silver market’ growth will accelerate in the upcoming decades, which magnifies both the needs and the opportunity to make an impactful difference.

About the ICT Integration Challenge for Healthy Ageing Call 2017

Key takeaways for an ideal proposal to demonstrate:

  • End-users need to have a defined business role in the proposed project (USER CENTRIC from the start)
  • ICT integration of technologies (TRL 5-8) that is holistic in approach to health and wellbeing, as well as personalisable to end-users (often heterogenous in their needs)
  • Extensive testing and validation period with sizeable end-user populations, with all stakeholders involvement at the appropriate times
  • Clear commercial exploitation pathways built upon solid business development plans

Deadline and budget

If these opportunities appeal to you, the challenged-led AAL programme provides a solid funding option. The current call opened on 15 February 2017 and the deadline is set for 24 May 2017 (17:00 CET). With a total budget of €26.3M and a maximum project size of €5M, the programme typically funds between 8 and 20 projects.

For more information refer to the information graphic in this message or to our Life Sciences Funding Database.

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