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All ERNs supported by ttopstart granted!

March 01 2017

ttopstart is pleased to assist ERNs in laying the strategic fundaments of future care and research in complex and rare diseases

About the European Reference Networks

Historically, complex or rare medical conditions have gotten very little concentration of resources to address them sufficiently. This led to a concentration of expertise without tools to disseminate care equally. In a bid to provide high-quality, cost-effective care, accessible to all patients – the best specialists, vital resources and expertise are pooled together within the European Reference Networks (ERNs). These ERNs serve as the platform that health systems within the European Union can join, in their efforts to tackle these conditions effectively.

As Prof. Alberto Pereira (Endo-ERN coordinator) very aptly put:

 “The creation of these ERNs fulfils a long-standing wish. Patient associations kept on lobbying for it: care for patients suffering from a rare disease must become more accessible and information more transparent. In 2011 the EU passed a law stating that every patient suffering from a rare disease is entitled to the best treatment, even if the expertise is in a different country.”

Ensure a successful ERN proposal & leverage the strategic value of these networks to advance care for rare and complex diseases and conditions!

The European Reference Network is a grand vision finally in place to improve high-quality specialised care for patients with rare or low prevalent complex diseases or conditions. Not only is this the ideal platform to pool knowledge on certain diseases/treatments, it can improve the diagnosis and treatment capacities where expertise is rare by developing and sharing clinical guidelines and patient pathways across diverse health systems.

The ttopstart achievement

We are thrilled to have successfully supported several ERNs that have been approved for grant funding! One of which is the largest network comprising of more than 70 nationally recognised healthcare centres across Europe.

At ttopstart, our experts are experienced and fully equipped to increase your chances for obtaining non-dilutive funding. Do you want to ensure that your future ERN proposals are also successful? Contact us and get support for your ERN proposal submission.

More information?

You can visit our Life Sciences Funding Database for more information on other grant opportunities to fund your projects. If you need help finding the right opportunity for you, or if you'd like assistance in writing your proposal, contact us.

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