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Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - Opportunities and Innovation Challenges

March 22 2020

In this whitepaper ttopstart will give you insights on accelerating Artificial Intelligence for healthcare and life sciences. This paper will provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges of implementing AI in healthcare and give actionable insights to help the different stakeholders to overcome barriers and develop smarter strategies that accelerate the introduction of such AI innovations. 

Key Take Away Points

  • In healthcare, all eyes are on Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the new AI developments and the wave of new products and services being launched, the peak of stakeholders' expectations may have been reached. However, only a few of the solutions have market authorisation or have been implemented in a clinical setti
  • The opportunities of AI are immense, but so are the challenges. To avoid the trough of disillusionment and to improve the success rate of delivering AI solutions for healthcare, we provide smart strategies and practical guidance on how to introduce AI healthcare innovations.
  • In this paper we highlight 4 areas of healthcare care for which AI could make a significant difference (diagnostics, treatment, patient-doctor engagement and hospital-administrative efficiency).
  • The two greatest challenges faced upon introducing AI into healthcare are:
    • Gathering sufficient high-quality, structured and unbiased data, in a secure and ethically compliant way.
    • Integrating AI into existing medical workflows whilst preserving algorithmic explainability.
  • We conclude with a framework that enables different stakeholders developing and implementing AI solutions into healthcare.


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