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January 16 2019

Are you an expert and/or coach in the Life Sciences & Health? Read on to register as a UTILE Business coach! UTILE is currently looking for coaches from all over Europe with different backgrounds and expertise in the sector. UTILE promotes innovation from all therapeutics areas, technology types, and development stages; so there might be a relevant match for you!

The EU-Health Innovation Marketplace (in short: UTILE) is the valorisation platform for research results from the Health programmes of FP7 and Horizon 2020 and brings together supply and demand for research results in the Life Sciences & Health sector. The platform is a solution for researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and business developers looking for partnering, business, financing, and research opportunities. UTILE offers opportunities for all players in the valorisation chain: in medicine, diagnostics, medical tools, health IT solutions, vaccinations, treatments and more.

UTILE is currenlty lookinf for experts in the life sciences and health sector (all therapeutic and technology areas) who would like to coach a promising innovation further towards the market/in their scale-up process.

UTILE will support 13 matches with a UTILE voucher of €2.000 to cover the expenses of the UTILE coach. We are looking for coaches that:

Have minimum 8 years of experience in the Life Sciences and Health business
Have a minimum of 3 years of experience in business coaching
Minimum number of coaching ’clients’: 15

Are you the coach we are looking for? Download the registration form. The submission instructions are mentioned at the end of the form. The application will take you less than 5 minutes. UTILE colleagues will get back to you ASAP.

Read the Terms & Conditions here

Our involvement in the project

ttopstart (PNO) Consultants coordinates the project, and is responsible for project management and planning. Also, we lead the evaluation of EU projects. Together with our involved partners, we have developed a thorough evaluation methodology to determine the commercialisation potential of innovations. We also mobilise experts from the industry, who coach projects on an individual basis, and we research best practices for valorisation and exploitation within healthcare. Finally, we attribute to dissemination, communication and exploitation of the project.

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