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BLOG: ttopstart’s Research Strategy and Funding Model Canvas

March 13 2018

Building on almost 10 years of experience in empowering biomedical innovators, ttopstart has developed a structured way to improve the competitiveness of research teams and institutes. The Research Strategy and Funding Model Canvas is a useful tool based on a careful analysis of hundreds of funding applications, combined with the best practices we have assembled working with high performing research groups and organisations.

Why and when to use the Canvas?

The research landscape is changing. Tackling the grand challenges in science and innovation in the future will require different disciplines, multiple stakeholders and new ways of collaborating. We believe that research teams and institutes need to adapt to this changing research and innovation environment in order to stay competitive, realise scientific excellence and generate meaningful impact. For example, innovative research projects are increasingly being conducted in public-private partnerships in which different stakeholders are working closely together to tackle complex research questions. This requires researchers to interact with different organisations and further build on key internal and external strengths and capabilities.

The Research Strategy and Funding Model Canvas helps research teams and institutes create competitive research and innovation strategies and develop the necessary collaborations, infrastructure and supporting processes to reinvent research lines and ensure long-term competitiveness. With the Canvas you can create an overview of your key competences (your unique ‘fingerprint’) as well as identify any gaps where you should improve. This will provide new perspectives on your research and pave the way towards innovative and authentic strategies that will position you optimally for the future. The Canvas can be used as a continuous tool to monitor the effect of any changes in the field or institute.

How to use the Canvas?

The Research Strategy and Funding Model Canvas consists of nine building blocks. It is a unique 360-degrees stakeholder analysis that will force you to think about the full scope of your research goals and strategy, and about ways to increase competitiveness and impact of the entire team or institute. Through the Canvas, we go deeper than just looking at the next grant opportunity: it helps you develop a sustainable position to obtain funding, consolidate important collaborations and realise impact for the future.

We will shortly discuss the nine building blocks involved in creating your tailored strategy, and what they consist of. In this blog, we will focus on the definition.

Research Strategy and Funding Canvas

Download full document

Download complete document to find more information about each of the nine building blocks involved in creating your tailored strategy:

  • Collaborations
  • Scientific Excellence
  • Infrastructure
  • Research Focus
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Valorization
  • Impact
  • Subsidy Culture
  • Scientific Output
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