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Digital Health Revolution

June 13 2017

“We are on the verge of the digital health revolution.”

That is what Dr. Eric Topol claims when he likens the invention of the printing press to the invention of the smart phone. He compares the impact that print had on science, communication, and education to the potential that smartphones have on the contemporary status of these topics in his book The patient will see you now. Being among the top-10 most cited scientists, he is not the least person to make this claim and he is certainly not the last. A recent white paper from White&Case that reports on their survey of 120 captains of industry in tech and life sciences shows an overwhelming enthusiasm for digital health. It is also the most pushed topic in the current European life sciences funding program (Horizon 2020) and the upcoming program holds every promise for more, better applied, digitalization of many aspects of what can be described as the management of your health, including healthcare, preventative and lifestyle matters, and aging.

Digital health has the interest of ttopstart

At ttopstart, we are well-aware of these developments and we follow them closely. We seek out the opportunities that are born form the convergence of the tech industry and the life sciences. We get inspired by digital innovations in healthcare and health management. With our clients, we align the digital, ICT, and technical possibilities with business and healthcare opportunities.

Brief communication series

With some developments going very rapidly and others tediously slow, and many different forces that play on the digitalization of health, it can be an opaque field. In a series of three brief communications, we will discuss the major topics that are at play. Within these messages, we present our take on the current situation and on the opportunities that they bring for innovation. In each communication, we will go into one of the following questions:

  • What are the most promising digital healthcare sectors?
  • Who are the players in the digital health landscape? What is their role?
  • What are the barriers and what is needed to overcome them?

The revolution has begun. Stay tuned for the next publication in the series.


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