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BLOG: Dreading that entire phase between Grant agreement and final reporting in H2020 projects?

March 04 2016

Picture this; You are an SME with a highly innovative medical product, ready for the next step on its way to the market. How to fund this expensive process? At ttopstart we can help you through the maze of funding and investors.  You could decide to write a Horizon 2020 proposal to obtain funding provided by the European Commission. So you start... find the right call to FIT your ideas (or vice versa), build the right FRAMEWORK, WRITE the proposal and DEVELOP a plan for management and commercialisation. Or, instead, you contact ttopstart to support you with this and increase your success rate. 

5 Months later: Congratulations! Your proposal was picked from hundreds of other submissions and the EC invites you to start the Grant Agreement preparation, the Agreement between the consortium and EC. Just when you were thinking the toughest part was to write the proposal, you discover that you are not acquainted with the abbreviation culture of the EC. LEARs, PLSIGNs, COCOs, PACOs are just a handful of the representatives in your organisation according to the EC. Furthermore, a Grant Agreement is not the only Agreement that has to be prepared. Also, your organisation has to be validated, financially and legally. All this in 3 months time. No worries though, all is forgotten once you start preparing your financial and technical reports of the project EVERY 1 to 1.5 year, all according to the EC standards.

Do not be discouraged, in H2020 projects ttopstart can be part of the consortium and lift the burden of the Grant Agreement preparation, project execution and exploitation phase. We facilitate parts of the EC process, for example we help you with the Grant Agreement preparation and help you in the validation process of your organisation. Did you know that this process for a consortium of about 10 to 15 partners, with all aspects included (such as validation of the partners, drafting Grant and Consortium Agreement, preparing for meeting) could take up to 120 hours in coordination time? We have the know-how and experience to guide your project from start to finish. An example is the REGAIN project. Herein ttopstart is a full consortium partner, assisting Audion Therapeutics and 5 other excellent organisations in accelerating their plan to treat hearing loss with a highly innovative approach.

In the upcoming blogs disseminated by the ttopstart project management team, we will describe common practices in a H2020 project, including Grant Agreement preparation, building the consortium, dissemination of your project and reporting. If you have any questions regarding the Management of project for Scientific Consortia, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Karin Bosch-Elberse, PhD
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