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Is your project Eurostars ready?

December 02 2019

ttopstart has developed the FFWD (Fit, Framework, Write and Development) model to fast forward your project from an innovative vision to a winning grant proposal. ttopstart shares with you our checklist for a winning Eurostars proposal!

How to write a distinctive Eurostars proposal

Do you have an innovate product, technology or service and do you wish to apply for a Eurostars grant? Eurostars expects excellence so your project proposal has to meet all the eligibility criteria, otherwise your application will be rejected. ttopstart can help you facilitate  this process; we co create projects to develop a strong business case with meaningful impact.

ttopstart and Eurostars

ttopstart has a >70% success rate for Eurostars proposals. This excellent track record we thank to:

  1. Our drive and common values
    • Our experts are passionate about disruptive life sciences and health technologies, and offer helicopter views across markets and scientific fields
  2. Co-creation and co-design
    • We foster our clients competitiveness, by challenging their ideas and co-creating smarter strategies to help them make the right decisions
  3. Life cycle thinking
    • At ttopstart, life-cycle thinking is an integral part of how we work. We are able to support our clients both before and after acquiring a Eurostars grant, in order to ensure that our clients deliver on their promises and create true impact going forward.
  4. Understanding hurdles & opportunities
    • We use a range of proven methods and continuously develop new tools to ensure a high-quality process and valuable outcomes in our Eurostars projects.

ttopstart has been a great partner in developing our business and funding strategy, of which this Eurostars grant and consortium was an important part

Nico Karssemeijer - CEO of Screenpoint Medical


Our proven FFWD-method in short

We co-design competitive funding strategies by our proven FFWD method. We use the following steps to create a winning Eurostars proposal:

1. Fit
We define your funding strategy and identify the optimal funding mix. Then we support you to implement your funding strategy.

2. Framework
We develop a competitive and coherent framework to present your R&D and innovation plans.

3. Write
We co-design a strong and winning story that convinces investors and reviewers. We help you out with writing of the propopsal.

4. Develop
Knowledge utilisation and project management.

Explore our checklist for a winning Eurostars proposal:

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