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Exciting ttopstart-Mentelity partnership

May 26 2017

Back in February, we announced that ttopstart has entered into a new partnership with the Mentelity foundation. Through this partnership, we will support the Mentelity Foundation’s mission towards encouraging children and young adults with disabilities to participate in sports, and continue to be inspired by Bibian’s “Mentelity”. At the same time, we will cheer Bibian as she wins more medals on her road towards the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea.

About the Mentelity Foundation

“I’m Bibian Mentel, I am a professional snowboarder. In my sport I compete against the best riders in the world and I am proud to say that I am still the strongest in my field. In life I have a more aggressive and clandestine opponent. A rare type of cancer is already trying to beat me for 17 years but thanks to medical science I am still alive and kicking. I am the living proof that medical science is one of the most important aspects in healthcare and therefore I am proud to have ttopstart as a partner. ttopstart helps science to keep developing, ttopstart helps innovations become a reality and ttopstart helps me to keep on doing what I love most. It’s all about Mentelity”

Bibian Mentel

8 times cancer survivor

1 Paralympic Gold Medal

5 times World Champion

It has been Bibian’s long standing dream to bring a cost-effective and innovative solution that is easily accessible to children with disabilities. Through our knowhow and broad network, we will work with the Mentelity Foundation to identify suitable subsidies and help raise funds to realize this dream. In addition, we will continue supporting the foundation’s other activities, with the first one being a Snow Obstacle Run in July 2017 at Zoetermeer. You can catch us here volunteering and participating with Bibian.

An inspiration for ttopstart

“We take pride in supporting Bibian Mentel and the Mentelity Foundation as she reflects our drive to change the world for the better.”

Jasper Levink

ttopstart partner

Bibian and her story is a source of great inspiration for ttopstart and its employees. We will meet Bibian as she joins us in our team building activities, whether it be cycling around the Laage Vuursche, or providing fitness lessons to keep us in shape. We wish to instil Bibian’s “Mentelity” within ttopstart: she will work with our consultants as a personal coach to deal with stressful deadlines.

This partnership is the beginning of a new chapter in the long-standing ttopstart-Mentelity relationship and we wish Bibian the best on the road to Korea. You can join us in our support of this great athlete by joining her at the Snow Obstacle Run on the 12th of June as she works with the KWF in the fight against cancer!

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