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Find the right funding for you with our Life Sciences Funding Database

February 16 2017

The Life Sciences Funding Database was first launched on the 4th of June 2015 in a partnership between ttopstart and HollandBio

The goal of the Life Sciences Funding Database is to help researchers and entrepreneurs in the medical, agro/food, and industrial/bio fields identify the right funding opportunities for their research and development activities.

Finding the right grant: like a needle in an haystack

The first critical part of any successful funding application is finding a grant call that matches your goals and ambitions perfectly. With growingly complex funding schemes and hundreds of grant calls every year, this can sometimes feel like finding a needle in an haystack.

screenshot of the life sciences funding database

An up-to-date funding database

Using the Life Sciences Funding Database, you can filter through hundreds of subsidies, loans and other fiscal programs to find the best fit for your case. Every week we update the database with new subsidies from Horizon 2020, Eurostars, Welcome Trust, NIH, STW, KWF, ZonMw, and more.

For each opportunity, we summarise the most important information to provide you with a quick overview of the scope, eligibility criteria and deadline. You can also easily navigate to the subsidy provider page, just one click to read the complete call.

Renewed partnership

ttopstart and HollandBIO have renewed their partnership for this year, and there will be several developments in the Life Sciences Funding Database. The database is now more up-to-date than ever, and we are working on increasing the user-friendliness and on expanding the reach of the information. We will bring the most important funding opportunities to you, in an easy and convenient way. Stay tuned for updates!

Request assistance

Is the needle still lost in the haystack? At ttopstart we can help you identify the right funding opportunity for you. Contact us now and start your project!

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