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Finding the right funding just became easier!

June 27 2017

​Celebrating the Life Sciences Funding Database 2nd anniversary in June 2017, ttopstart and HollandBIO have released an update that simplifies your search for the right funding.

ttopstart and HollandBIO have launched together the Life Sciences Funding Database (LSFD) in June 2015, with the goal of helping researchers and entrepreneurs identify and interpret funding opportunities for their research and development activities in life sciences. Now, the database celebrates its 2nd anniversary by simplifying the search even more.

How to find the right grant: the LSFD easy search wizard

You asked, we listened!

Visiting the LSFD could be intimidating in the past. When you arrived, you were presented with a unending list of grants and it was not easy to understand all the filters at first sight. To simplify this, we created an easy search wizard, that guides you through the initial steps in your search.

How to navigate using the easy search wizard?

Simply navigate to the Life Sciences Funding Database and you will be asked a couple of simple questions about who you are and what type of funding is for you. After answering, you will see a selection of grants that could be interesting for you.

Life Sciences funding database easy search function

You can use the Advanced Search to further filter through the opportunities. For example you can decide to check grants with deadlines within a specific period of time, or search for a specific provider. You can also use the search bar to type keywords and find related grants.

advanced search life sciences funding database

Download the grant details

A new feature of the LSFD is the download function. After selecting one or multiple entries, you are given the option at the top of the page to download this information. Leave in your email address and we will send you a convenient PDF file with the information about the grant or grants you chose.

life sciences funding database download grants

Stay up-to-date with the latest grant opportunities

Join the LSFD LinkedIn group

We have created a LinkedIn group where we post new and highlighted funding opportunities. By joining it you receive this information conveniently, in your LinkedIn feed. Click here to subscribe for the LSFD LinkedIn group.

Subscribe to the new LSFD newsletter

ttopstart and HollandBio now collaborate on a monthly life sciences funding newsletter. In this newsletter, you will find the latest news and funding opportunities, as well as resources to help you in your grant applications. You can subscribe to this newsletter by filling in your details below.

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