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Funding opportunities for dementia: upcoming ZonMw call: ‘Memorabel’

October 26 2016

Worldwide, over 46 million people live with dementia and this number is expected to increase to over 131 million by 2050 (World Alzheimer Report, 2015). Dementia is one of the major causes of disability in the elderly and has an enormous physical, psychological and social impact, not only on the affected individuals but also on their caregivers, family and society. 

The global economic impact of dementia is enormous, and expected to reach €919 billion by 2018. Given the global scale of dementia and the current lack of a treatment that is able to cure dementia or alter its progressive course, the need for research aimed at finding the underlying cause of dementia and developing cures is evident. The upcoming ZonMw call ‘Memorabel’ is an excellent funding opportunity addressing this need.

The research- and innovation programme ‘Memorabel’ of ZonMw was launched in 2013 as part of the ‘Deltaplan for Dementia’ and aims to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and the care and support provided to them. A budget of €32M was made available by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport for phase 2 of ‘Memorabel’ (2017-2020). The current call refers to round 5 of this second phase, for which a maximum of €16M will be granted. By supporting ground-breaking research, ‘Memorabel’ aims to understand the onset of dementia and to find targets for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dementia. On the other hand, ‘Memorabel’ aims to enable the development and implementation of effective and efficient instruments, interventions, healthcare models and innovations to reduce the burden of patient care and the burden on caregivers.

Round 5 of the ‘Memorabel’ programme was launched October 6, 2016 and is open to research in four main themes:

Project proposals should be a maximum of two pages and priority will be given to proposals that focus on personalised care or cure of dementia patients. Only after submission of a project proposal, participants are invited to submit their full proposal (see timeline).

Detailed information on the main subjects and requirements of the ‘Memorabel’ programme can be found (in Dutch) and an English excerpt of the programme is also available.

At ttopstart, we are specialised in the support of competitive grant applications in the area of life sciences, medical technology and health. If you are thinking of submitting a grant proposal to the ‘Memorabel’ programme, feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. For more information about funding opportunities please visit our funding database.

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