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Get ready for your Vici full proposal

May 22 2018

Soon, the results from the 2018 Vici first stage will be published. Are you ready to prepare your full proposal? Get a head start in with these three best-practices.

About Vici

Vici is the most prestigious programme from NWO’s Innovational Research Incentives Scheme giving you the opportunity to win a 1.5 million personal grant. Applicants are expected to have significant experience and the ambition to set up their own research line. Full proposals are due August 28, 2018.

Tips for writing your Vici full proposal

To help you get ready for the full proposal of your Vici application, we have gathered some best-practice tips that you can start working on today!

  • Create separate but aligned research tracks that increase in risk & (therefore) impact profile. Divide your project into separate lines, ranging from low risk/low impact to high risk/high impact. Beside this being a useful exercise to specify your project and make your own expectations explicit, this will ensure the reviewers of impact being created. Here, your low risk/low impact line should be very likely to create the impact intended.
  • Do thinking exercises to position your project in the bigger picture. Ask yourself: ‘What do I want the world to look like in 20 years, and how can we get there?’ This will help you think about and write up the impact of your work; what is your part in creating the world of tomorrow? Importantly, this may provide you with clarity on the critical next steps that you need to take in the research project. Another important question is who do you need to execute the project? It helps in creating a full cycle view of your project and contextualise it in its bigger picture.
  • Involve other scientists in the preparation of your proposal, both within & outside your field. Ask your colleagues, who will not have the same emotional attachment to the topic as you, to review your project. This often provides a critical view. It provides you with a benchmark on how it may be received by your future reviewers: Do they understand it immediately? Are they enthusiastic? Are they convinced of the (potential) impact? Of note, be clear on what you want from your peers and make specific requests.

Request assistance

Do you want to discuss how to improve your chances of getting awarded with a Vici grant? ttopstart has developed stepwise plans that can help structure the application process. Get into contact with us through the form below to find out more.

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