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How much chance does your recently submitted PM proposal have in Horizon 2020?

April 20 2016

The total number of submissions to 10 single-stage personalised medicine (PM) topics under the Horizon 2020 programme, with call closures on 16 February 2016 and 13 April 2016, have been announced. Good news, the competition seems less fierce than previous years!

You have worked hard recently to prepare a winning H2020 proposal. Your consortium combines Europe’s leading academic researchers and industrial partners. Your work plan is well thought-out, includes the most innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and corresponds to the objectives you want to reach. You are proud of the final product. But now the long wait of approximately 5 months has begun, before the results come in. We all  know that H2020 is a competitive programme and that the success rates have not always been very high. So, what are the chances of your proposal being funded?

A total of 415 proposals were submitted in response to the 10 H2020 PM topics listed below. The table shows for each PM topic how many proposals have been received. Depending on the total call budget and the project budgets, the theoretical chance of being selected for funding has been calculated. The most popular call is PM-09 “new therapies for chronic diseases”. This does not come as a surprise, since it resembles the PHC-13 topic “new therapies for chronic non-communicable diseases” of the previous H2020 work programme. However, less proposals than expected were submitted for the other calls. PM-05 even boasts a success rate of 100%, with only 1 proposal submitted. But remember, to be eligible for funding your proposal needs to first score above the threshold!

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Karlijn Bastiaansen, PhD