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How the Dutch ‘Nationale Wetenschapsagenda’ impacts your work today

May 01 2018

The ’Kennisagenda’s‘ on prevention, regenerative medicine, and personalised medicine have now been published. They are used to provide a vision and guidance for upcoming subsidy calls that are currently being developed by NWO. We spoke with them and we want to give you some pointers on how these research agendas are relevant for your work in academia or industry today.

To do for biomedical innovators

The ministries of Education, Culture and Science (OCW; focus on fundamental research) and Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK; focus on applied research) have both presented their budget allocations according to the ‘Nationale Wetenschapsagenda’ (NWA). Already for 2018, €70 million and €75 million from the respective ministries will be allocated to NWA topics. Therefore, both academic researchers and industry can benefit from taking action for the upcoming calls.

Start now!

The NWA is a vision paper, instructing future policies and calls. First impact is already expected in 2018 and acting now, even before calls have been published, is good practice to already proceed with partnerships and consortia before calls are published.

Check if your current research topics fit the emphasised topics in the ‘Kennisagenda’s’.

Importantly, programmes such as Startimpuls (NWO), MIT and Innovation Credit (RVO) will be renewed with budgets allocated to NWA topics. Reviewers of these programmes will keep the NWA in mind when considering your application, so make sure the fit is explicit.

Be creative in involving society in your projects.

As the NWA is established from societal questions, both OCW and EZK emphasised that society should be provided with answers as a result. To this end, it is important to include a citizen component in your public-private partnerships. Also, be original in creating public involvement in science. Think about events such as a ‘public visitor day’, where citizens can be made aware of the projects and project results based on their questions which have been funded with public money. Make sure you stand out from the crowd of applicants!

Request assistance

Do you want to brainstorm with a ttopstart expert about creating competitive and meaningful partnerships? Do you want to learn more about how to prepare for upcoming NWA projects and calls? Feel free to contact us and find out what we can do for you! For inspiration about creating a sustainable funding strategy, consult our Research Strategy and Funding Model Canvas.

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