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How to ensure successful collaboration in your Horizon 2020 PPP

January 24 2018

In Horizon 2020, there is a big focus on Public Private Partnerships (PPP). It is the European Commission's ultimate tool to fully facilitate scientific research and bringing results to the market as soon as possible. However, public research institutions are fundamentally different from industry, and collaboration between the two worlds can be a challenge.

How to ensure a successful H2020 PPP collaboration

Our ttopstart project management experts provide you with some tips on how to ensure successful collaboration within your H2020 PPP.

Be aware of the Grant Agreement

It is important to realise that before the project can start, an agreement on the legal and Intellectual Property (IP) aspects within the project should be compiled in the Grant- and Consortium Agreement. These will form the solid (legal) basis for all partners to enter the collaboration with trust and confidence.

Important aspects in these agreements are the background IP (what you bring in) as well as foreground IP (results from the project). These should be properly defined which will minimise disagreements during publications or exploitations in the future.

Establish common goals and objectives that you want to reach

With proper legal agreements in place, a common goal of the project can be established. It is important to openly discuss personal objectives and expectations, especially when you will be working closely together. When all involved parties are aware of the goal of the project, it is easier to communicate at the same level. 

Utilize communication tools

To further keep the good collaboration going, proper communication channels should be put in place. These can be online teleconference tools, but also online platforms to share data with each other. However, it is also important to plan regular physical meetings.

The frequency of these meetings can be pre-determined in the consortium agreement and be made compulsory to ensure engagement from all partners. The ultimate goal is to build on each other's knowledge, and to achieve this, communication is of paramount importance.

Get to know each other beyond the agreement

Previously mentioned communication tools should not only be used purely for business. By getting to know each other outside of the project and working aspects will help to fully leverage the network. What can you bring beyond this project?

There are bound to be differences in culture between the partners, which can be acknowledged and embraced. To improve understanding of each other’s background, a great option is to plan the consortium meetings in the different cities of each member. See the positive side of the differences, which can provide complementary assets to your organisation. Utilise each other's strengths to the advantage of the consortium.

ttopstart Horizon 2020 project management services

Good collaboration means a smoother project and elevated scientific output. We as ttopstart understand how to utilise the network and have implemented frameworks to leverage the partnership. Are you overwhelmed with all tasks involved in ensuring great collaboration? Experienced ttopstart project managers can take this burden out of your hands, so that you can focus on the scientific content! You can use our full project management service, or pick specific tasks through the modular service for disburdenment.

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