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How to increase the success chances of your Eurostars application

July 21 2017

With funding rates up to 100% and success chances of around 30%, Eurostars is a very attractive funding opportunity that is often undervalued by SMEs. In order to further increase your success on chances, we have analysed the top 100 funded projects the previous Eurostars cut-off date. Within this article, we set out the most attractive topics and indications that can help you to further shape your concept.

About Eurostars

Eurostars is a joint programme between 36 EUREKA member countries and the European Union that supports international innovative projects. The goal of Eurostars is to support projects that lead to the development and commercialisation of innovations that positively impact people around the world. These projects must be led by an R&D-performing SME, in collaboration with at least one other partner from another Eurostars country. Eurostars returns every year with two deadlines.

Increase your success chances

With a general success rate of 30% and funding rates up to 100% (depending on the type of organisation and country), Eurostars is an extremely attractive funding opportunity. Earlier, we published a news item with relevant tips and tricks on how to write a successful Eurostars application. In addition to these tips, the success of your application can also be affected by its topic and indication and should thus be chosen wisely in order to maximise chances. Based on an extensive analysis of the top 100 funded Eurostars projects from the previous cut-off date, we have observed that the most successful applications focused on oncology (33%) and chronic diseases (19%). These projects were mostly developing IVD/diagnostics (33%), medical devices (26%) or therapeutics (22%). We, however, also noticed that there is a trend towards more successful applications in the E-Health/ICT area. Focusing on oncology and the IVD area might thus be a good idea, but having an innovative idea in an area with a large unmet medical need will still remain the key towards success. 

Eurostars topic success

Eurostars indication distribution

Request assistance

The writing process of a Eurostars application should however not be underestimated. We, at ttopstart, can further increase your success chances (reflected by our success rate of 70%) by supporting you on a variety of levels, and guide you towards becoming a Eurostars champion. At ttopstart, we are highly experienced in shaping the concept, coordinating the consortium, co-creating the commercial strategy and supporting the writing of the entire application with our FFWD method. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas and your chances for a successful project.

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