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Key findings of ERC success and H2020 contributions

October 08 2020

EU, EEA, and associated countries all contribute to the H2020 budget. But which countries achieve the greatest success in acquiring ERC funding and which countries underperform? Read the intriguing key findings in this article! 

Key findings

  • High-Performers: UK, Germany, and France account for ≈50% of all awarded ERC grants. Israel and Switzerland punch above their weight in terms of project contribution vs. awarded ERC grants.
  • Scandinavian Peculiarities: Norway and Switzerland contribute similarly to H2020, but Switzerland is awarded a higher number of ERC grants. Norway’s performance is comparable to Ireland’s and Portugal’s and is lower than its neighbours Denmark and Sweden, who contribute considerably less to H2020.
  • Disparities: Belgium invests more in H2020 than The Netherlands and less than France but has a markedly poorer performance in ERC acquisition. Sweden invests less but wins a comparable number of projects. Spain and Italy invest and succeed comparably but do not perform as well as their Swiss or Dutch counterparts.
  • Poor Performers: Eastern and Southern European countries (excluding Spain and Italy) perform poorly, accounting for only 2.62% of total projects.

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