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KWF grants for cancer research: identify your trajectory and select your form of financing

October 04 2017

The Dutch Cancer Society is a nation-wide organisation for cancer-related work in the Netherlands. Its mission goals include less cancer, more cure and better quality of life. To this end, they support cancer research through an intricate funding scheme. Researchers have a wide variety of calls to choose from to fund their research, but picking the right call can be challenging.

Finding the right fit

At ttopstart we see the alignment of your project idea and a call as a crucial aspect of the project development process. We refer to this as the FIT in our fast forward (FFWD) methodology. Finding the right fit in the funding scheme of KWF can be challenging and here we would like to share a few of our best practices to further improve your success chances in this nice funding instrument.

Step 1: Identify which trajectory you are in


In this phase specifically fundamental and credential research is funded. To assess whether your project idea fits this consider if your aim is to answer the questions of why, what or how and if you contribute to the pool of fundamental knowledge in research. Importantly, the practical application of the results can be far away that does not mean however that your research should not have impact. Read more about how to strengthen your impact here, ttopstart can guide you in developing the most competitive impact section for an exploration phase research proposal.


In this phase specifically research around the creation of a modality, and (pre)-clinical research is funded. To assess whether your project idea fits this consider aspects such as does your project have convincing preliminary in vitro results and is your ‘product’ after finalisation of the grant ready for practical application? Researchers are asked to within the grant also investigate aspects such IP and regulatory affairs. ttopstart has the specific expertise on board to support you with these parts of the proposal.


In this trajectory, projects are financed that involve activities required for realisation of the implementation of concrete applications in the Netherlands. To assess whether your project idea fits this consider aspects such as can you show convincing clinical results and are you aware of your stakeholders, their need and how your project results answer to this need. ttopstart consultants are specialised in performing stakeholder analysis and can provide help for this part of a KWF implementation proposal. 

Download Step 2: Select your form of financing

In this step, we discuss the different types of financing and how to select between them. To read the complete document, leave your contact details below.

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