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New funding opportunities for SMEs in the life science/biotechnology sector

April 26 2016

The development of new drugs and diagnostics is very costly and has a high development risk. Biotech and medtech companies need sufficient financial resources to balance risk and increase success. ttopstart helps biotech and medtech companies acquiring dilutive (e.g. Venture capital) and non-dilutive (e.g. grants/loans) capital to reach their goals. Grants in life sciences and medical technology sectors are a highly-attractive source for funding research and development. 

ttopstart’s Life Science Funding Database aims at showing entrepreneurs and academia the ropes in identifying funding opportunities.

The latest funding opportunity news:


Check out the Life Science Funding Database for all funding opportunities.

For more information regarding funding opportunities or our business strategy services (after for example a successful SME instrument Phase I application), please contact us!

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