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Now open for subscription: ERC CoG interview training

August 22 2019

Have you been invited to the interview stage for the ERC Consolidator Grant? Congratulations! You are one step closer to an unprecedented research career boost and the independence to pursue your own lines of research. Now, it comes down to personal presentation. Without any information about your ranking and the panel’s attitude to your project, it is your job to advertise yourself and your idea to a room full of strangers. Are you able to convey your scientific vision in a few minutes? Will the panel regard you as the next top leader in your field? Can you answer any question without hesitation?

We offer one- or two-day training programmes in which you will learn how to use both the presentation and the Q&A session afterwards strategically to position yourself as top ERC material. This includes critical evaluation of your project and feedback on possible weaknesses in the application, the presentation, as well as communication and interview skills. We will:

  • Introduce you to the basics of ERC interviewing
  • Co-develop a successful pitch (set-up and storyline, how to start and how to end)
  • Provide an in-depth review of your proposal focusing on strengths and weaknesses (includes most common panel questions)
  • Provide a mock panel setting in which you experience interviewing from the other side of the table
  • Guarantee sufficient one-on-one attention due to the small scale of the training and participation of multiple ttopstart consultants

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Click here to register before Friday September 6.

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