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Personalising patient care through intraoperative imaging

August 08 2018

Clinicians and researchers are driven by a mutual goal: designing personalised, minimally invasive interventions to improve treatment outcomes and increase the quality of life for patients. ttopstart fully supports this vision and has recently been involved in multiple projects that aim to transform healthcare towards a more personalised approach. In this article we take a look at how intraoperative imaging is developing in the field and what we think the future will bring.  

Advanced intraoperative imaging is personalising treatment and diagnostics in major medical fields 

Clinicians still rely mainly on their eyes and general anatomic maps, when it comes to making crucial decisions during surgeries. However, every patient and disease are different, therefore, these general references are often not sufficient to ensure the needed personalised treatment. To support clinicians in their decision-making during surgery, the field is now moving towards intra-operative imaging; providing real time images of the patient, and extracting information invisible for the naked eye.  

We have seen, that especially the need for greater personalised data in cancer surgery have pushed technological boundaries, as intraoperative assessment of tumour-free margins is critical for the prognosis of the patient. Recent advances in imaging technology and computation enables high-resolution real-time visualisation of the morphology combined with pathologically relevant information during surgery and at increased penetration depths.  

What will the future bring?  

Already experiencing a paradigm shift, this has the potential to completely innovate treatment as well as diagnostics in oncology, neurology and cardiology to name a few. These fields are all dealing with major global healthcare challenges, which due to the aging population of our societies will only continue to increase along with the demand for diagnostics and treatment. 

Methods for the analysis and manipulation of living tissue at a cellular and molecular level will accelerate personalised interventions, making it more predictive and enabling on-the-spot decision-making and treatment at the target site. However, development and transfer of these novel technologies requires interdisciplinary collaboration, combining the expertise of engineers, clinicians, basic scientists, computation experts, and physicists.  

ttopstart’s experience  

Recently, ttopstart have supported several projects in this field. Projects we have been involved with can be categorised into radiological imaging, optical imaging and artificial intelligence. To advance this key field, we support your project's full life-cycle: from developing your personal funding strategy to further developing your idea and establishing an interdisciplinary consortium - thereby increasing your chances of success in grant applications. Finally, we are also able to support you with project management, once then funding has been secured. We ensure that the collaboration of the consortium goes smoothly and will co-create solutions for sustainability, exploitation, uptake and dissemination beyond the project. Our mission is to transform healthcare, together with you.  

Interested in more information? Leave your information in the form below, and we will get in touch.  

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