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Prinsjesdag 2016: how Willem Alexander’s Budget Day speech affects research and start-ups

September 21 2016

Yesterday, on the third Tuesday of September, Prinsjesdag was held. On this day, the Dutch government presents the national budget for the coming year. This year’s edition brings some interesting changes for research and start-ups. Curious what changes and updates might be relevant for your research program and/or start-up? 

Entrepreneurship and sustainable growth


In order to maintain its competitive economic position and to ensure a stable investment and business climate, the Dutch government will focus on further stimulating innovative and fast-growing companies. Therefore, the Dutch government will make an additional budget available (an additional amount of €33 million) for research and development. This will be mainly through WBSO, which is an R&D tax credit to lower wage costs and other relevant R&D expenditures. Also, from next year and onwards, WBSO will be available for innovative SMEs that aim to grow.

Wage tax deductions and co-investing

Also, at the same time, the Dutch government will make €50 million available for:

  • Wage tax deductions for business owners. A total amount of €27 million will be available to develop more favourable and customary wage schemes for innovative companies. This allows owners to invest more money in the company itself.
  • Tax deductions to enable co-investments with private investors in start-ups and SMEs with a total amount of €23 million.


In 2017, the government’s objective is also to reduce the regulatory burden for businesses, citizens and professionals. A total of with €2.5 million will be used towards realising the legislation. This will be realised by working on legislation that provides room for innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable growth. This will eventually help entrepreneurs to advance their business.

Corporation taxes

The tranches of the corporate taxes will be extended. The first tranche of 20 percent will be extended, by €50k, to €250k in 2018. This will be further extended to €300k in 2018 and €350k in 2021.

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