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March 30 2018

Managing successful EU funded research projects can be overwhelming at times; many processes, many stakeholders (both internal and external), and many different rules and regulations. At ttopstart, we are flexible in the support we bring. Clients have come to us with questions specific to their situation, and the ttopstart project managers have provided tailored support. Below are some examples of the support we have recently provided. Can you recognise some of these issues? Do you experience any others?

Examples of tailored support

Implementation of the project

A client had received a large grant, but was overwhelmed by the many components of the consortium. ttopstart project managers are available to come to your location and provide a training to walk you through the steps to ensure you have a great start to your great project. The result was a clear plan on how and when to implement the project. Covered in this training were topics such as progress management, Gantt charts, communication, financials, and rules and regulations.

Implementation of administration

Managing en EC grant entails managing several administrative processes as regulated by the European Commission. ttopstart provided support on location, on how to incorporate the administrative burden, including the financial reporting. After ttopstart's support, the administration was implemented and the client could easily prepare the upcoming financial reports.

Preparing grant and consortium agreements

You as a grantee are a spider in a complex web of agreements: a grant agreement with the European Commission and a consortium agreement with all partners in the consortium. Several clients have requested support in this complex process. With our expertise, we can fully support the grant agreement and provide templates and guide the discussion for consortium agreements. This support resulted in well-established agreements, taking many worries away at the start of a complex project.

Request assistance

Do you have a question about management of your consortium? We are here to help! Project management is a broad term, and your questions can be as diverse. No problem! Our project managers have deep and broad expertise and we aim to provide you with sustainable empowerment. Get in contact with us and we will find a way to get your project going!

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