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Successful medical innovation development with the Design for Reimbursement Framework

May 01 2020

Even the most promising patented innovations for life science and medtech face issues making it to the market. Of the 60 medical device SME’s that give their innovation a 100% chance of reimbursement, only 7 of them received a return of investment (13%). This illustrates the gap between entrepreneurs and reimbursement decision makers.

Two major hurdles

Medical innovations face two major hurdles: the first is to translate results of biomedical research to the bedside, whereby AI based solutions face additional challenges related to data gathering, regulations and security. The second hurdle is to synthesize, disseminate and integrate research results into healthcare decision-making and clinical practice and workflow, to ultimately achieve a return of investment. AI tools face additional hurdles due to their issues of explainability, of providing point-solutions where broader solutions are needed and because they can be seen as a threat for other stakeholders in the current reimbursement system.

Design for Reimbursement framework

ttopstart has developed a Design for Reimbursement framework that shifts medical innovation development from a sequential to a cyclical process. In practice it turned out that this framework is highly applicable for AI solutions. By frontloading important steps, the chance of success or failure can be predicted and managed better, resulting in more successful business plans for the commercialisation of medical innovations.

Co-creating business strategies

Whereas it is impossible to estimate the entire route to commercial success, we experienced that about 80% can be prepared and 20% can be filled in further along the line. Our experts can help you overcome the hurdles by co-creating business strategies that improve chances for clinical acceptance and reimbursement. By developing the Design for Re imbursement framework in a case-to-case approach we help our clients to shift from a linear to parallel and cyclic business approach and thereby contribute to successful implementation.

More information

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