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Start of the ‘Nationale Wetenschapsagenda’: the meeting

May 09 2018

Following-up on our recent piece on the the Dutch ‘Nationale Wetenschapsagenda’ (NWA), we now witnessed that the NWA programme has officially been opened at the starting meeting on May 8th. What information did we pick up? 

Scientists must connect science to society 

The main requirement that was emphasised again and again is the public component in NWA proposals. The NWA is a unique programme, which has been built bottom-up from questions submitted by the general public. While this already is eye catching, citizen involvement doesn’t stop there. Ingrid van Engelshoven, Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science, mentioned the task for scientists to participate actively in public debates or presentations. NWA chair Louise Gunning expressed her wish for truly inclusive collaborations for shared and societal goals. Lastly, NWO chair Stan Gielen stretched the importance of involving the whole knowledge chain in the project: from fundamental researchers to societal organisations and ministries. Science should be connected to society more than ever before, and it is the task of the scientists to do the connecting!   

Important information 

We were presented with more details about the upcoming call, which will open as soon as May 24th! Thus, as we expected, NWA impacts your work today! This year on September 11th, pre-proposals are due and the deadline for full proposals will be December 18th. High-risk/high-gain projects are encouraged, and a proposal’s potential for scientific and/or societal breakthroughs are just as important as the two other general evaluation components: quality of the proposal and quality of the consortium. What’s new in the programme, is that at least 5% of the budget needs to be allocated to valorisation: it is a requirement that your knowledge reaches society and has a benefit there. Frequently asked questions can be found on the NWA website and soon you can find the call and its details in our Life Sciences Funding Database

Act now and request assistance 

To recap our previous article: start building your public private partnerships now, make explicit how your project fits with the NWA, and be creative in involving society. At ttopstart, we strive to get innovations to reach society and thereby transform healthcare. In doing so, we are experts in valorisation, dissemination and exploitation. Do you want to discuss how this should be incorporated in your NWA project? Get in touch with us through the form below!


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