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Top H2020 funding opportunities for eHealth platforms in 2018

November 20 2017

Everybody talks about e-health – a wide range of health-related information technology services, such as electronic medical records, telemedicine, consumer health informatics to name but a few. In fact, we are in the middle of the digital health revolution.

The Europeans Commission’s eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020 provides a roadmap that aims to empower both patients and healthcare workers, to link up devices and technologies, and to invest in research towards the personalised medicine of the future. This includes providing smarter and safer health services that are patient-centred.

eHealth in Horizon 2020

One of the biggest priorities of the Horizon 2018-2020 work programme is the transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market (High Performance Computing, ICT, SMEs). This effectively translates to restructuring regulatory frameworks to move from 28 national markets to a single one. This single market will enable citizens and governments and boost businesses to fully benefit from digital tools and innovations. For the digital transformation in health and care the EU has indicative budgets of €90M for 2018 and €107.5M for 2019. 

Contribute to the digital health revolution -  find the right eHealth funding for you

Below, we are summarizing the most important e-health funding opportunities with their upcoming deadlines.

1. H2020 - ICT-02: Flexible and Wearable Electronics

Deadline: 17 April 2018

The Flexible and Wearable Electronics grant call is an excellent opportunity to push technology barriers further, demonstrating the innovative use of such devices in health applications.

Projects in this call should enhance manufacturability, integrate technologies, or demonstrate a device. More information

2. H2020 - HCC-05: Digital Health and Care Innovation initiative

Deadline: 24 April 2018

Projects in this call should support the implementation and further development of a European initiative on digital transformation and develop a roadmap and strategic agenda for EU level research, innovation and large-scale deployment activities.

Stakeholders should be engaged in the projects, including key policymakers, health and care organisations, industry (including SMEs), research- and user organisations. More information

3. Eurostars

Deadline: 1 March 2018

Eurostars is a European subsidy programme that supports highly innovative R&D performing small and medium enterprises (SMEs). R&D-driven SMEs can utilise this opportunity to collaborate with their international commercial and academic partners to further develop their products and platforms.

eHealth projects for Eurostars can include innovations in topics touching for example upon telemedicine, robotics, mobile health, electronic health record management, computer-assisted decision support and software-based treatment methods. More information

4. H2020 - TDS-02: Toolkit for assessing and reducing cyber risks in hospitals and care centres

Deadline: 24 April 2018

One of the key issues of digital health is cybersecurity. In the last year, malware hit multiple hospitals within Europe, causing health providers to have no access to patient data when providing care or planning surgeries. Furthermore, cyber security is also vital for ensuring patient data privacy.

Projects in this call should develop and implement innovative methods, tools, guidelines or best practices addressing the need for cybersecurity in hospitals. More information

5. H2020 - ICT-26: Artificial Intelligence

Deadline: 17 April 2018

This call specifically focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) as it is a key technology for the further development of the Internet and all future digital devices and applications. More information

Other eHealth funding calls

There are many other calls with e-health components/focus. You can find all the information about these and other calls at our Life Sciences Funding Database.

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