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ttopstart grows to empower more life science researchers

April 10 2018

To empower even more biomedical innovators, ttopstart aims to grow these coming years. Recently, we have added several new additions to our team. Since the people make ttopstart, we are very excited to introduce them to you!

The Business Development team added three new people over the last months. Lars Mulder previously worked at an R&D focused CRO, and he has been active in the fields of medical devices and biomaterials. His work allowed him to gain experience in translating client ideas and vision into actionable projects and business plans. The Business Development team also added Timo Smets, who gained experience as a software consultant in hospitals before joining ttopstart. Lastly, Eleanor Dawson is a recent Science and Business Management graduate and will provide fresh views and enthusiasm.

With many new consultants that have started, ttopstart will be able to further disrupt science and healthcare. Jana Miniarikova, Lily Boutens and Tim Schröder performed their PhDs in the fields of RNAi-based gene therapy and neurodegenerative disorders, metabolism & immunology and neurophysiology & neuroinformatics, respectively. Stijn van Steenoven received his MSc diploma in Science, Business and Innovation in Life Science and Jost de Bruin obtained a degree in Infection and Immunity.

Lastly, our Project Management department is growing. Junior project manager Femke van Diggelen managed a scientific project at a Dutch biotech company after obtaining her PhD, which sparked her interest in project management.

Welcome to all! Each of our new additions is excited to be active on the crossroads of life sciences and business. Do you want to know more about our new colleagues? Please visit the ttopstart team page to see who may help you in the future.

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