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ttopstart internship experiences

July 16 2018

Anne Lotte Lemmers, Intern  

Anne Lotte Lemmers has a Bachelor in Science and Innovation Management, and is currently taking her Master's in Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in health and life science. She was an intern at ttopstart for five months in the first half of 2018, and she was a great attribute to our team. Read about her experience at ttopstart below. 

To compliment my Master study in Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in health and life science at the University of Amsterdam, I was looking for an internship opportunity and was attracted by the offer from ttopstart to support their work on research strategies and funding opportunities in life sciences. My introduction to ttopstart was warm and welcoming, which gave me a quick entry to the ttopstart community.

During my 5-month internship at ttopstart, I have conducted research regarding the ‘Research Strategy and Funding Model Canvas’. This is a tool to analyse current practices and support the development of new and competitive research strategies for researchers, research groups and research organisations. Besides this, I was part of a consultancy team from which I gained a lot of knowledge participating in project meetings and supporting a running project.

ttopstart has a collaborative and stimulating ethos, which contributed to the fact that I had an amazing time during this internship. The 5 months flew by at lightspeed. Therefore, I wish to express my gratitude for the opportunity to follow this internship and further my education, as well as my professional and personal development.

- Anne Lotte Lemmers

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