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ttopstart introduces corporate finance services for the Life Science and Health sector

August 30 2019

ttopstart introduces corporate finance services specifically designed for Life Science and Healthcare sector. The number of biomedical innovations that eventually reach the patient and the market is extremely low, largely because of the numerous financial hurdles that need to be overcome. By combining in-depth sector knowledge with corporate finance expertise, ttopstart aims to support clients on topics such as cash flow management, valuations, fund raising, IPO’s and capital structure optimization.

The specific financial challenges per stage of the life cycle of innovations - from finding the first investor to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) - require a sound proposition. We understand the Life Sciences and Healthcare market, know how to optimize business models and are familiar with industry specific challenges. This way, ttopstart can help realizing the results biomedical entrepreneurs are looking for.

The key challenges biomedical entrepreneurs face in bringing their innovations to the next stage and eventually the market are:

  • Mismatch between investor’s goals vs. company goals
  • Long development periods with high capital expenses
  • Lack of a sound funding & financing strategy
  • Suboptimal capital structures
  • Cash flow mismanagement

We can help biomedical entrepreneurs taking these hurdles.

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