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ttopstart outperforms the overall success rate for Horizon 2020 grant pre-proposals

January 27 2017

Submitted SC1 pre-proposals per topic

On the 4th of October of 2016 an impressive number of 668 pre-proposals were submitted for the first stage of the two-stage SC1 calls. The figure below depicts how this number was distributed over different calls.

General success rates

The Horizon 2020 grant call updates announced on the 25th of January 2017 that 101 out of 668 pre-proposals scored above threshold and were admitted to the second stage. This means about 15% of the pre-proposals passed on to the phase of full proposal submission, a staggering 85 percent did not.

The ttopstart success rate

At ttopstart, it was the other way around and the success rate was 5 times higher: 85% of the pre-proposals we supported have passed on to the next round.

Chances for the full proposals

We have compared the number of projects going to the next round with the indicative budget. We conclude that the chances for the full proposals look very good.

Ensure a successful full proposal

At ttopstart, our experts are experienced and fully equipped to increase your chances for obtaining non-dilutive funding. Was your pre-proposal successful and you want to ensure your full proposal is also successful? Contact us and get support your full proposal submission.

You can also read our 3 grant writing tips from our experienced team on how to write a successful Horizon 2020 full grant proposal, or visit our funding database for more information.

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