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ttopstart services: Commercial translation of science

June 21 2017

In the past few years, the relation between science and society &industry has taken a central role in projects and grant proposals. An important aspect therein are partnerships between academia and private parties, and scientists are increasingly challenged to think of the commercial value of their ideas. Translating science into a commercially viable concept, idea or product requires vastly different skills and expertise than required for performing excellent science or R&D. At ttopstart, we combine these skills and expertise with solid scientific background to support R&D performing companies and scientists interested in commercialisation to get their ideas closer to market.

Next to general business strategy services, our services can also be acquired to help you deliver the required business development deliverables as demanded in grants such as ERC proof of concept grants, or SME phase I/II grants. In these projects, we can be subcontracted to perform the commercial activities.  Often, we are involved in these grants during the development of the proposal. However, we can also be contracted during the project phase.

Business development services

The wide range of possible market opportunities for a novel idea or concept poses a huge opportunity, but also a business challenge. Where will you focus your business development and R&D efforts to maximise the value of the technology, while balancing investment needs? ttopstart offers a range of services to establish this focus and plan related activities;

  • market research
  • business strategy development
  • business plan development
  • feasibility assessment

Specific services for ERC proof of concept grants

A key aspect of any ERC proof of concept (PoC) project is the assessment of the commercial feasibility of the technology/idea or concept. This is often consolidated in a business plan or a business case, to assess the possibilities of a possible spin-off company. ttopstart can support this by performing the services as described above. In addition, ttopstart can offer;

  • Submission of the ERC PoC feasibility report
  • (in-house) business development support for a possible spin-off company
  • funding services to kick-start a possible spin-off

Specific services for SME phase I grants

SME phase I projects need to deliver a comprehensive feasibility report as a final deliverable to the EU.  This report needs to follow a strictly outlined format and includes a business plan.  This deliverable is assessed by the EU grant officer on content and quality. ttopstart has successfully delivered such feasibility reports before and can be contracted to coordinate and support the delivery and submission of this feasibility report to the EU. In addition, ttopstart can support the development of a competitive SME phase II proposal to follow up on your SME phase I project. Furthermore, we offer Project Management services once your project is approved.

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