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ttopstart’s half-year client feedback results

July 21 2016

At ttopstart we continuously try to improve our business development, funding and training services to improve the satisfaction of the people we work with. Client experience is something we hold in high regard, side-by-side with quality. Pivotal in this is to show our clients what we do with their feedback.

As of January 2016 we have implemented an evaluation phase after the round-up or submission of our project. We send our direct clients (sole participant or consortium leader) a link to our survey.

In the Survey we ask 4 simple questions to establish an objective measure on customer experience:

How likely are you to recommend ttopstart to others?
What is most positive about your recent collaboration with ttopstart?
What can be improved by ttopstart?
Can you describe in one sentence how you experienced the recent collaboration with ttopstart?

Here we would like to share with you the results of the first half-year:

Until the 16th of May we have had 26 responders. A striking 54% of the responders were completely likely to recommend ttopstart and the remaining 46% were very likely (Fig 1).

Figure 1

Our clients experience the consultant’s effectiveness as the most positive aspect in their collaboration, while flexibility, professionality and expertise followed in second place (Fig 2). Interestingly the effectiveness was judged right after submission of proposals, without any knowledge on the eventual outcome.

Figure 2

When asked on what points our consultants could improve, our respondents stated in almost 33% that nothing needed to be changed (Fig 3). Secondly, however, was the ‘Overall Directing of Consortium input’. This makes sense as this is, especially with larger consortia, a challenge which can be greatly confusing for the coordinator who is receiving all input. Nevertheless, this is an issue worth focusing on.

Figure 3

A selection of the one-sentence descriptions:

“The experience from ttopstart is brought to the scientist without overruling his/her own ideas”

“Great support and ability to identify the critical issues and requirements for a competitive application”

“Team is always available and provides extremely relevant inputs”

“Highly professional and with mutual respect, understanding and pleasure in creating something”

“The perfect solution for allowing scientists to concentrate on science while writing or managing a research project”

“It is really mandatory to have a coaching company to build such a project, do not underestimate the time to spend on it”

Overall, we take great pride in the general positive feedback that we receive from our clients. Although one may expect clients with very positive experiences will be more likely to fill out the survey, the same holds true for bad experiences. These are not, or not at all represented in this data.

We strive to improve our day-to-day interaction and experience with our clients and we will therefore focus on the points addressed in Figure 3, as well as other feedback we receive. We will further professionalise the client feedback process.

If you would like to share your experiences, please use the contact form on our website. If you are thinking about initiating a project with the help of ttopstart we invite you to contact one of our consultants.

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