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UNIIQ: a new proof of concept fund

June 27 2016

UNIIQ, a €22 million proof of concept fund, has been developed for entrepreneurs in the Dutch province Zuid-Holland to accelerate technical innovation to the market. The fund is an initiative of Erasmus MC, TU Delft, University of Leiden and the regional development company InnovationQuarter.

With this new fund, €22 million becomes available for entrepreneurs that want to commercialise their disruptive technologies. The development of these technologies is very costly and has a high development risk. Therefore, these companies need sufficient financial resources to balance risk and increase success. UNIIQ will support these entrepreneurs with start-up capital to convert their innovations into a business. This fund is particularly well suited for academic spin-offs, start-ups, and SMEs with disruptive innovations located in the Dutch province Zuid-Holland.

The recent InnovationQuarter year event, on the 22nd of June, provided an opportunity to launch the UNIIQ fund. UNIIQ, which is supported by the European Union, will combine the expertise of the three regional Universities (Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Leiden MC and the TU Delft) with the knowledge and network of InnovationQuarter.

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