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What our clients say about ttopstart

July 12 2018

At ttopstart we are always looking for ways to improve and develop ourselves. Therefore, we ask for our clients’ feedback on a regular basis, to get insights into what works well, and what can get better. We’ve had a look at the feedback over the last 12 months, and would like to share it with you.

Since January 2016 we have included an evaluation phase after the round-up or submission of a project and asked our direct clients to participate in a small survey (see also previous client feedback). We have looked at the feedback from clients in the period: 17 May 2017 to 17 May 2018, where we received feedback from 27 clients. Here are the results.

When asking clients “how likely are you to recommend ttopstart to others?”, 3.7% said they were moderately likely,  55,56% said that they were very likely, and 40.74% said that they were completely likely to recommend us (figure 1.). 

Figure 1.

When asking clients “what is the most positive about your recent collaboration with ttopstart?” (answered by 26 clients) the two main qualities mentioned were our strong communication skills, e.g. when giving direct feedback and collaborating with a big consortium, and secondly our highly useful ideas and advice, e.g. giving very precise advice on how to improve the organisation of the proposal (figure 2.).

Figure 2.

For us, it is very important to know in which areas we can improve, so that we can continuously get better at what we do, as well as integrate new ideas. When asking clients “What can be improved by ttopstart?” (answered by 26 clients) the main answer from clients were “nothing”(10 clients), but besides that the number one point to improve was our time-management/planning in the early stage. Although the clients added that all deadlines were met, it is important for us to ensure a positive process, where all partners feel comfortable with how the time-pressure is handled. This is something we now put emphasis on, in order to secure the best possible experience for our clients (figure 3.).

Figure 3.


Finally we asked our clients “can you describe in one sentence how you experienced the recent collaboration with ttopstart”. Here is a small collection of the answers:

“Great support and advice throughout the process”


“Experienced people that help to keep you going in the right direction”

“Very knowledgeable and very structured working towards a great application”

“High quality with a very nice personal attention”

“A pleasant and motivated team”

“Very professional in communication and execution of the work”

We are proud of the overall positive feedback from our clients. The points to improve that were raised in figure 3. have our attention and is being or have been addressed, so that we can ensure optimal client satisfaction going forward.

Are you thinking about initiating a project with support from ttopstart? We invite you to take contact to one of our consultants or fill out the form below for more information. 

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