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Yearly ERC benchmark - success rates and top performing countries / institutes

July 22 2019

Our yearly ERC benchmark is out! You can download the complete analysis for free by filling in the form below.

The package includes:

  • An analysis of projects submitted and granted per domain, panel and year for ERC StG, ERC CoG and ERC AdG
  • An analysis of the ranking of countries and host institutes based on no. of ERC frontier grants received
  • High-resolution graphs
  • A tool to easily retrieve the ranking of your host institute (for each year since programme start)


Success rates for ERC StG, ERC CoG and ERC AdG remain relatively stable.

The UK clearly outperforms all other hosting countries in terms of total number of projects granted since the start of the programme, with a solid representation in each domain. The top 10 further includes Germany (#2), France (#3), the Netherlands (#4), Switzerland (#5), Italy (#6), Israel (#7), Spain (#8), Belgium (#9) and Sweden (#10). The same 10 countries dominate the top 10 specified for ERC StG, ERC CoG and ERC AdG. Switzerland consistently shows high success rates.

The same countries dominate the top 10 in 2018. Together, they take home 85% of all the grants.

The CNRS clearly outcompetes all other host institutes, with double the number of ERC grants compared to the runners-up.


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