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Business Strategy

Personalised medicine will revolutionize healthcare in the coming years and will have a major impact on the development of new therapies.

The use new technologies increases the complexity of drug development. At the same time, governments and healthcare insurers demand more affordable therapeutics in order to ensure reimbursement of these costly therapeutics and regulators increasingly demand an accurate biomarker to enable patient stratification for these new therapeutics. 

Support for early and mid-stage biotech companies

ttopstart assists early and mid-stage biotech companies with critical business support activities such as business model development, competitive analyses and funding services to strengthen the research and development process of new therapeutics. Our highly skilled consultants understand both the science and the business challenges your company is facing and will deliver actionable business insights.

We support 75 innovative biotech and medtech companies in drug development ranging from antibodies to ATMPs. 

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Our 'design for reimbursement' strategy supports the development of a business model that increaes your chances for investment, reimbursement and strategic partnerships.

Business development and strategic planning services for life sciences and medtech ventures

We at ttopstart identified key steps in the development and commercialisation of biomarker-based diagnostics. We analysed strategies used by leading molecular diagnostics companies to market diagnostics. This expertise has enabled us to introduce a unique "decision support tool" for designing a solid commercialisation and reimbursement strategy for medical devices. You can use this tool to setup a plan for market introduction of your diagnostics and improve your chances of investment, reimbursement and strategic partnerships.

The tool allows you to address the following topics:

  • Defining product characteristics that are in line with customer needs
  • Mapping the needs, interests and influences of key stakeholders
  • Selecting the best options for securing intellectual property
  • Selecting clinical indications that provide the best marketing conditions
  • Finding strategic partners for co-development and/or exits
  • Shortening development time and costs
  • Preparing for maximum market acceptance
  • Preparing for reimbursement in countries of choice
  • Securing investments and non-dilutive funding 

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Business Strategy

Expertise Areas

Medical technology has great potential to contribute to innovate healthcare e.g. medical imaging, biomaterials, e-Health and robotics. However, the uptake of medical devices as solutions for eminent health challenges is confronted by fear for technology being expensive and conservatism amongst end users and other stakeholders.

Build a successful business strategy around your technology

These trends negatively affect the costs and time needed to make your technology the next clinical standard and it has become clear that it requires more than a breakthrough technology to reach a broad uptake. ttopstart provides concrete guidance and business intelligence to build a successful business strategy around your technology: we know what challenges lie ahead and how to strategically address them. Our services include:

  • In-depth analysis of end users, competition and other stakeholders;
  • Prioritisation of market segments and indications;
  • Reimbursement and entry strategy development;
  • Proposition and business model development;
  • Balancing risk and value;
  • Key market insights for valuation and pricing strategies;
  • Development of an optimal funding mix and exit strategy;

Business Strategy

Expertise Areas


ir. Jasper Levink

Setting-up a spin-off company is an attractive way for further development and commercialisation of new therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices. These new companies rely on securing early-stage funding to finance pivotal proof of concept and prototyping studies that bridge the gap until private funders and/or strategic partners gain interest.

ttopstart has successfully supported more than 25 academic spin-off companies in Europe with early-stage business development and funding services. We have specific expertise in developing business and product development plans to establish preclinical and clinical proof of concept and pave the way towards deal-making with industry. Our services have provided the basis for many successful financing rounds and license deals with industry.

We help spin-off companies with developing their first business model based on the unique capabilities of their innovative concept. Our science and business consultants use different methodologies such as the Business Model Canvas, but also integrate sector-specific knowledge and best practices gained from our long-term engagement in other successful drug, diagnostic and medical device development projects. This ensures the best possible start for your company, or as we call it: a “ttopstart”!

In the spin-off creation stage, our early-stage business development services highly synergise with our funding services. We are experts in finding the right mix of subsidies, grants and loans to finance early-stage R&D activities. We have raised over EUR 50 million for spin-off companies and are creative in finding ways to fund your R&D activities.