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Get the most out of your grant application with tips from our grant experts

To us, the construction of a competitive grant application is like professional sports. Repetitive success does not come naturally. Instead, you need to be driven and train hard to remain on top of competitive fields such as the Horizon 2020 health programmes. 

Have a vision. Have a plan. Leverage your own strength. Dare to ask for help.

We know what it takes to realize your goals. We stay ahead by continuously improving not only your writing skills, but also your ability to create scientific/clinical, social and economic impact with your research and deliver full exploitation. Additionally, we can help you coordinate large consortia that are often a prerequisite for Horizon 2020 grants.

3 tips for getting the most out of your grant application

Below we offer you our top 3 tips for getting the most out of your grant application.

1. Leadership is the key to success

It all starts with a good idea, but where do you go from there? A good vision in which you believe will spread enthusiasm and it does not stop there. Many elements need to align in order to compose a successful proposal.. Large consortia, with partners that each have their own (political) agendas, complicate the process, while time is never on your side. To inspire to consortium and to structure the work are both highly important Therefore, your leadership will be key to the success of the whole proposal (and minimization of your stress levels).

Our FFWD method may help you to simplify the process and focus on the most important steps first:


The way our proven methods work:

  • First re-assess the FIT and see whether the consortium and goals of the project need to be refined
  • Then, develop the FRAMEWORK. This will help you to delegate key parts of the full proposal
  • Only then, start producing texts (WRITE), having a good fit and framework in place will greatly simplify this and greatly improve what you compose.
  • In parallel, DEVELOP the business plan and consortium management strategy to enable full exploitation of your project.

2. Find the right funding for you

Identifying the funding opportunities that align with the challenges that you strive to resolve can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Our comprehensive funding database will be able to get you on your way. You can also contact us for a free subsidy scan: if you tell us about your ambitions and plans, we will be able to direct you to the funding opportunities.

Once you have found your call, understanding its aims, scope and expected impact requires a broader understanding of the specific goals with the funding. This is oftentimes a complex procedure, but absolutely essential for a successful grant application.

It is an important part of the FIT part of our FFWD method. Meticulous reading of the call text will of course help, but the call text alone does not convey the full focus of the funding strategy. Writing your funding application aligned with these underlying ideas and strategies will maximise your success rate.

3. Build a strong consortium

You need to develop a competitive consortium. It should bring together an international network of key opinion leaders, innovative companies and other important stakeholders such as patient organisations and health insurers. There is a distinct kind of beauty in the well-oiled machine that is a successful consortium. Minimal redundancy and maximal synergy between a group top-of-their-field professionals are the hallmark of such consortiums.

Building the consortium is an important part of the aforementioned FRAMEWORK. Maintaining its well-oiled status is an important part of tip 1, leadership and this will benefit the potential success of your grant proposal greatly.

We have also published an article about building a winning research consortium on the ttopstart academy knowledge hub

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