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Project management is a critical factor for the success of your Horizon 2020 project. The experienced project managers at ttopstart have the expertise to help you manage the non-scientific activities of your research project. Based on our experiences, expertise and an extensive market research we have done, we have identified a number of key elements crucial for successful delivery of your research project.

Key elements

  • Engagement and involvement of partners
  • Engagement of stakeholders
  • Creation of a sustainable consortium
  • Creating the long-lasting impact for your project results

At ttopstart we ensure these elements are in harmony, as visualised below:

Key elements for successful delivery

How can we manage your Horizon 2020 project?

Our clients demand project approaches that go beyond the mere execution of (research) tasks. ttopstart addresses this by building and supporting the project’s ecosystem to realise truly disruptive research and far-reaching impact. Our experience in complex consortia as well as supporting the most challenging projects has led to a remarkable body of knowledge and a unique project management proposition: beyond pertinent administration, finances and reporting, ttopstart brings the expertise, processes and tools to maximise engagement, within the consortium and across stakeholders, and sustainability within and beyond the project.

Why ttopstart?

Currently, our impressive track record number of projects we manage include projects from the Eurostars and SME Instrument phase II schemes, KWF, and Horizon 2020 multiparter project such as project REGAIN, PRECIOUS and the PIONEER. We are very proud to be ranked #1 in the 2017 review of the best project managers for H2020. Our experienced Project Managers are certified in Prince2 project management method and will work with you to ensure the engagement of all the partners.

With ttopstart supporting your project, you will:

  • ensure that there is a collective goal within your consortium;
  • spend less time managing your project;
  • know that your project is effectively managed by experienced project managers;
  • safeguard that the tasks within your projects are well-defined for all partners;
  • ensure open communication between the partners.

Get support in managing your project

Our project management team is happy to hear about your challenges and help you out with managing your project.


Femke van Diggelen, PhD
+31 (0)30 73 70 779

To ensure a smooth project progress, we can coordinate all non-scientific requirements in your EU project. We have built our expertise on the key principles of Engagement and Sustainability, that we install for within the project and for all involved external stakeholders.

How we can support you

We will coordinate and draft your grant- and consortium agreement, respecting the requirements, needs, and subtleties of your consortium regarding contractual obligations and Intellectual property.

Communication within the consortium, meeting project milestones and quality control of deliverables takes up most of the time of a coordinator. We care about timely deliverable of reportings. We understand scientific projects are risky and may delay, even if planned in great detail at the start. Our service includes the progress management and all coordination around deliverables, milestones and project periodic reports.

Financial planning and administration is often a precarious topic within consortia. We will facilitate you from guidelines and reporting to the EC and will closely monitor the budget and costs. We will implement a proper financial administration.

Do you want to be have partner that facilitates in your research project?

Would you like to learn more about our Horizon 2020 full project management services? Send us a message and we will contact you to see how we can help you.


Femke van Diggelen, PhD
+31 (0)30 73 70 779

We understand that not all projects need the full support package. Especially for project for SMEs (e.g. SME instrument phase 1, SME instrument phase 2, Eurostars), we have created modules to facilitate your specific needs. We can help you with specific aspects of your project, using modules that you can mix and match to your own needs.

Mix and match the modules

Module: Grant Agreement preparation

When the EC informs you that your project is approved for funding, the grant agreement needs to be drafted and signed within a limited timeframe. ttopstart supports in this process and act as a helpdesk for you and consortium members. We can support to deliver the consortium agreement draft (H2020 approved format) and facilitate the process towards signing. While ttopstart will not provide legal advice and does not take part in any negotiations, we will be your trusted advisor.

Module: Project progress monitoring, including deliverables and milestones

ttopstart is actively involved in monitoring the progress of the project and the deliverables. We will keep the project on track and communicate possible adjustments to the Project Officer of the EC. The work package leaders will be contacted regularly, and bottlenecks recognised as early as possible. The project management department of ttopstart is Prince2 certified, assuring the focus of the key aspects of your project.

Module: Periodic Reporting

The periodic report will be developed and written by ttopstart. We know all requirements for the periodic report and know where the focus should be. We will gather the input and will make sure the report is delivered on time.

Module: Financial management and reporting

We will monitor the budget and help you with all financial queries in close collaboration with own your organisation. We can provide guidance in the draw up of the financial statements and ensure timely delivery of the financial reports.

Module: EC amendments

In around 20% of the projects the grant agreement will be amended during the life-time of the project. ttopstart will coordinate and prepare amendments when deemed necessary by the consortium or the EC.

Module: Organise project meetings

Internal communication is a key ingredient for an effective project and regular consortium meetings need to be organised and held. ttopstart will support the planning, organisation, facilitation and post-processing of major project meetings such as Annual meetings, Executive board and Work Group meetings and meetings with the Supervisory board.

Module: Dissemination activities

The dissemination and communication strategies are of great importance in Horizon 2020 and will be facilitated by the project management desk at ttopstart. We will develop a detailed communication and dissemination plan at the start of your project. We will develop tailored key messages and dissemination material, including a project website. This will be done in close collaboration with the project coordinator and the other consortium partners.

Module: Exploitation activities

Our experience with commercialisation translates directly into highly effective outreach to all relevant stakeholders. Our business strategy experience ensures that we can design a streamlined, “lean” route to market.

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Get support with mixing and matching

Would you like to purchase one of these modules? Contact us for choosing the module that fits your needs in the project.


Femke van Diggelen, PhD
+31 (0)30 73 70 779

At ttopstart we manage a variety of projects. Get an overview of some of our successful cases below, and click on the logos to find out more:






Femke van Diggelen, PhD
+31 (0)30 73 70 779