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Why use grant consultancy?

Funding your academic research can be challenging in many ways. As mentioned before, simply finding the right grant to apply to can be difficult. Funding schemes get more complex, and the competition is growing each day. You’ve been successful in the past, but you know how much time and effort it takes to write a successful grant application.

Grant experts

Hiring a consultancy company can help you through all the steps in this process, freeing your time to focus on academic excellence, and delivering you the funds you need for your research in a much easier way. 

Although it is not possible to guarantee a successful application, our grant experts can really improve your chances.

Save time and focus on the scientific quality

ttopstart is able to compose 80% of the complete grant application. While we write your proposal (maintaining close contact with the consortium), you can focus on the scientific work plan. We also manage the entire application process:

  • Developing your project and writing the proposal
  • Collecting, streamlining and merging partner input
  • Setting up detailed budget plans
  • Distributing draft versions
  • Handling final submission

Improve your chances to get funded

While it is not possible to guarantee your funding, letting us write your proposal definitely increases your chances.

Experience from hundreds of cases

Our experts are equipped with our innovative working methods and with hundreds of cases’ experience. This, along with our bird’s eye view on markets and scientific fields enables our dynamic team to deliver smarter and more creative science and business strategies.

You can learn more about our team in your team page.

Our FFWD model for winning grant proposals

We have translated our experience in winning cases into a model that helps you create a successful subsidy application. The FFWD model (Fit, Framework, Write and Development) will empower your project from an innovative idea to a winning grant proposal. 

Strategy, training and coaching: ttopstart academy

The ttopstart academy is a service that aims at increasing your funding competitiveness through personal coaching and training. We offer:


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