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The Dutch NL Agency (AgentschapNL) supports innovative companies with a financial need through the Innovation Credit facility ("Innovatiekrediet" in Dutch). 

Innovatiekrediet: support for companies

The "Innovatiekrediet" support is intended for companies with activities based in the Netherlands, Bonaire, St. Eustatius or Saba that have clear plans, good management as well as a real need for the Innovation Credit to overcome the financial hurdle.

Funding consists of 45% (small SMEs), 35% (midsize SMEs) or 25% (large companies) of the (eligible) project costs. For definitions of small, midsize and large companies, please see here (in Dutch). If the work entails a collaboration, funding rates are 50%/50%/40%, respectively. Funding is a maximum of € 10.000.000 and a maximum duration of 4 years (or up to 6 years in case of certification need). The minimum project size is €150,000.

Why contact ttopstart for your innovatiekrediet application

Companies must deliver a 1) business plan 2) project plan and 3) funding plan. ttopstart has successfully supported multiple companies, including AIMM Therapeutics, with the submission of an Innovation Credit application. Contact us if you want to know more on how we can support your company with the preparation of the Innovation Credit application. For more information on Innovation Credit please visit the website of NL Agency (RVO). 


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With the Open Technology Programme (OTP) STW aims to achieve knowledge transfer between technical sciences and end-users of research results. 

STW-OTP: support for companies, hospitals and insurance companies

These end-users can include companies, hospitals and insurance companies. A users committee with representatives of minimally three different end-users that express their interest in the outcomes of the project should be included in the project application.

The open character of the programme provides a continuous opportunity for scientists at Dutch universities to propose applied projects. Proposed projects are assessed on both scientific quality and utilisation. 

Applications to STW-OTP

Applications can be made for grants up to €750.000 (or €1.000.000 in case of projects with large investment). Any amount above €500.000 needs to be cofinanced (either in-kind or financial) by the end-users for 25%. The grant covers costs of material, investment, temporary personnel and foreign travel.

For more information please visit the STW website or contact us


ir. Jasper Levink

Technological innovation is of great importance for the success of the Dutch knowledge economy.

WBSO: R&D support for entrepreneurs

The WBSO (R&D tax credit) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs provides entrepreneurs an incentive to invest in research and development. The WBSO can be used to lower the wage costs for R&D and other R&D costs and expenditures, such research equipment. Companies pay less wage tax and national insurance contributions and self-employed individuals can make use of a fixed deduction.

Conditions for WBSO funding

To successfully apply for the WBSO your R&D project must meet the following conditions before you can apply for the WBSO:

  • the proposed R&D activities take place in your own company;
  • the technological development is new to your organisation;
  • the development is accompanied by technical problems and
  • the R&D work has yet to take place.

Applications must be received one month before the start of the period for which these facilities are required. A maximum of three applications may be made per calendar year. You may determine for yourself the period (no fewer than three and no more than twelve calendar months in length) for which the application is being submitted.

WBSO and RDA merge

Recently the complete WBSO and RDA system has undergone a big change where both funding schemes are merged into a single scheme. This means that you can apply for a WBSO tax credit for both the wage costs of an R&D project and its other costs and expenses. Read more about this in our news message on this topic. 

Contact ttopstart for more information.


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MIT has been designed to support innovation in the Dutch regions and topsectors. 

MIT: funding to boost inovation of Dutch SMEs

MIT has a toolbox of different funding instruments (such as feasibility projects and R&D collaboration projects) to boost innovation among Dutch SMEs. On May 2016, MIT opened for applications.

The proposed MIT project should fall into the regional and/or Dutch Topsector roadmaps.

MIT budget

Within the MIT program, 55 mln euros will become available for innovation stimulation. Read more about how the budgets are dispersed on the budget-page on There are different sub-programs within the MIT that support different innovation trajectories for SME's as mentioned before. The basic idea is that MIT covers 35-50% of the costs that you would have to spend on research or advice about innovation.

For more information please contact us.


Patrick de Boer, MSc
+31 (0)653897487